Radar Coins are the virtual currency used here at Horse Racing Radar.They are awarded upon first signup to the site and then can be earned in various ways around the site. Those with a subscription get an extra $1 MILLION coins each month their subscription is active. They can also be purchased separately from this page if you’re running low. Note that Radar Coins have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or gifts.
Radar Coins

Radar coins and how to use them

Here are some of the ways you can use radar coins.
Whenever we have a handicapping contest, you can directly challenge any other user to a 1v1 contest based on the current contest. Choose the amount you would like to risk and then find a user to challenge and send away. If accepted, whoever finishes ahead of the other in the final contest takes all. Challenge as many users as you want for as much as you want per contest.
Ever wish during a handicapping contest that you knew who so-and-so has as their top 2 picks in a particular race? Well, now you can! With this feature, you spend coins to get a peek at another user’s two selections for X race. Note this is only valid on NON-LIVE races where the picks are locked in. There is no way for this information to change the outcome of the contest, it’s merely for informational/entertainment purposes. .
Just like our leaderboards for the handicapping contests, we also have one on our homepage based on who holds the most Radar Coins and who won the most coins from 1v1 challenges. Get your proper cred for being the best.
You earn coins by signing up, subscribed members earn more on signup and also get coins each month. We also reward coins with each handicapping contest for the first 5 places as follows:
1st Place: +50,000 coins (+150,000 coins if a Subscriber)
2nd Place: +35,000 coins (+105,000 coins if a Subscriber)
3rd Place: +25,000 coins (+75,000 coins if a Subscriber)
4th Place: +10,000 coins (+30,000 coins if a Subscriber)
5th Place: +5,000 coins (+15,000 coins if a Subscriber)
Lastly you can purchase them if necessary, see below. Note that those with a SUBSCRIPTION get these credit packs for half-price.

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