Foody Talk with Jockey Katie Davis McCarthy

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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, July 23, 2021

An important challenge professional jockeys face, and must meet every single day, is having to make weight and remain in athletic shape every day— or at least for the duration of their racing meet.

They've got to make sure they weigh the right amount so they're eligible to compete at the race track.

I was able to ask professional jockey Katie Davis McCarthy some "foody" questions, and get a clue on her eating habits, nutrition, whether she liked to cook, and just to get a flavor of the food life from the jockey's perspective.

Photo by Estefania Andrea Tarre

(The emojis are included with the hope of not losing the sentiment & emphasis of each of her replies!) 

Frisco Bash: Hi Katie! Do you like to cook? And if so, what's your special dish to make?

Katie Davis McCarthy: I love to cook ????  parmesan chicken with mozzarella cheese, onions avocado, tomatoes, balsamic glaze, and avocado oil with organic spring mix salad under it.

Photo (Left) by Cafe Delites; Photo (Right) by Alicia B

Frisco Bash: What's your dieting secret for staying in racing shape all year around?

Katie Davis McCarthy: Cooking at home?? No fast food. ? Zero.??I know it's easy and no one wants to cook, but a meal can take you only ten minutes to make. ??

Also a lot of fruit and vegetables. Lots of water.??NO soda or energy drinks (shrug) sorry!


Frisco Bash: What does a "cheat" meal look like?

Katie Davis McCarthy: A big cheeseburger ?? or a thick pasta dish. ?? 


Frisco Bash: Any place in particular to order from?


Katie Davis McCarthy: Five Guys! I used to work there in high school.


Photo by Five Guys


Frisco Bash: What does a productive meal look like? 


Katie Davis McCarthy: Broccoli and some chicken. Even a nice healthy salad. 



Frisco Bash: Okay for fun! Any skilled cooks among your fellow jockeys? Whose cooking skills would you endorse & why is that?


Katie Davis McCarthy: Trevor McCarthy - so good at smoking ribs. ??  Me - I wouldn't know where to begin! (Laugh out loud) So I just let him do it. ??

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