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Sunday, August 8, 2021

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In this segment of Foody Talk, we get to hear from Kyle Frey. 

I've come to learn that Professional Jockeys are not only disciplined about their food intake, which is the obvious part, but also how skilled they are in preparing their food! 

Perhaps it comes with the territory? When cutting down your food portions to maintain a healthy sized meal, isn't it desirable to make your dish as delicious as possible, savoring every bite and making each calorie count? 

Kyle Frey, who is currently riding at Del Mar, knows his food. That's an understatement! You might've seen us posting him on our Facebook, when he brought in two winners in a card.

The same questions I raised to Katie Davis McCarthy in last time's Foody Talk, I raised to Kyle: I wanted to know his take on cooking, dieting, cheat meals vs. productive meals, a glimpse to his foody side.

Let's Talk Food

Frisco Bash: Hello Kyle!

Frisco Bash: Do you like to cook? And if so, what's your special dish to make?

Kyle Frey: Yes I love it

Kyle Frey: My favorite is a New York steak in a cast iron pan with butter rosemary, with a hard sear, cooked medium. Mashed potatoes with scallions, milk, butter, cheese, and a bunch of salt and pepper. 

Kyle Frey: With a Ceasar salad. But my wife makes the dressing because she's perfected it.

Frisco Bash: That sounds delicious.

Frisco Bash: What's your dieting secret for staying in racing shape all year round?

Kyle Frey: I think the biggest key is small portions. 

Kyle Frey: No bread. 

Kyle Frey: Natural fresh foods, no processed junk.

Frisco Bash: What does a "cheat" meal look like?

Kyle Frey: Breakfast for dinner. 

Kyle Frey: French Toast with all the fixings.

Frisco Bash: I see! Okay about a "productive" meal, what does that look like?

Kyle Frey: A bit of protein. A grain, like quinoa, and then lots of greens.

(....I then asked Kyle if he would share photos of any of his latest cooking!)

Kyle Frey: 

Kyle Frey:

Frisco Bash: Man these look great! Did you cook these?

Kyle Frey: Yeah I cooked them both. First one is healthy, the bottom is a cheat. (Laughs)

Frisco Bash: Can you describe the dish, what kind of steak it is, and what kind of pancake and omelette. So we can know your ingredients! (Laughs)

Kyle Frey: I believe that was a New York cut with butter and rosemary, medium rare, with baby kale roasted almonds, I roasted them myself, tangerines and dried cranberries with a sesame miso dressing. 

Kyle Frey: Oh, and lots of sea salt and cracked pepper on the steak.

Frisco Bash: Wow! And the second dish?

Kyle Frey: Pancake and a French Omelette with basil garnish.

Kyle Frey: I topped the pancake with a homemade blueberry syrup that I made. Just didn't look pretty with it on. (Laughs)

Frisco Bash: That's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing!

We'd like to thank Kyle Frey for joining us. This got me hungry I could visit the supermarket and buy up these ingredients. Kyle, when does your homemade blueberry syrup go on sale? I'll place my order!

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