Ramsey Counters Trainer Wesley Ward in Lawsuit

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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, August 13, 2021

Ten days ago, trainer Wesley Ward filed a motion in Jessamine Circuit Court, attempting to force owner Ken Ramsey to pay $903,274 in alleged outstanding training bills, trainer's portion of winning purses, and interest. 

This doesn't come out of the blue for Ramsey. Ward had already filed a lawsuit over the delinquent payments back on March 19 of this year. 

But Ramsey isn't in agreement with the charge. According to Ramsey, there were no agreed upon terms, and the case didn't provide pertinent information and facts. Moreover, Ramsey countered with insisting his 30 racehorses be returned to him in order to stop incurring expenses.

"So if Plaintiff has so far failed to establish in the record a meeting of the minds for his original purported 'agreement' and terms he claims to exist, while the proof also comes in that it has been discovered that Plaintiff was not following the directives, requests, and orders of the Defendants, then the Plaintiff's fundamental case may crumble out from beneath him," the response states.

"Could this be why Plaintiff is rushing to the courthouse with a dispositive motion?" (BloodHorse)

Ramsey has, in fact, made some payments, and Ward recognizes this. But the remaining balance remains in the high six figures. 

Ward acknowledges "miscellaneous payments"  for purses and money earned on claims, plus one $100K payment in May. But for months June and July, the payments stopped. 

Ramsey details how he asked Ward to return 30 of his horses back on July 5th, and that Ward filed for an agister's lien in order to retain ownership of the horses until the alleged debt was repaid. As a result, Ward was unable to race those horses. Ramsey went on to cite that under Kentucky Law, plaintiffs "cannot stand idly by" to allow further damages to be incurred when they could be prevented by reasonable efforts.  (Paulick Report) 

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Source: Eric Mitchell, BloodHorse, Paulick Report

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