Trainer Noda Appeals Questionable $5K Fine in NY

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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Saturday, August 21, 2021

The New York Gaming Commission (NYGC) has fined trainer Orlando Noda $5,000. However, the reason as to what prompted the fine remains unclear. A court ruling was posted on Sunday, though it didn't reveal much information. 

The ruling stated: "Trainer Mr. Orlando Noda is hereby fined the sum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars for action detrimental to the best interest of racing having appealed a stay has been granted." 

What constitutes "detrimental to the best interest of racing" has not yet been explicitly clarified by the NYGC, who was unreachable for comment. We shall have to wait and return to the issue after the NYGC responds to the appeal.

Noda appealed the ruling and hired Attorney Drew Mollica to receive questions on the issue. 

Mollica has stated that he does not know either what prompted the ruling, and declined to say what the allegations were. 

"In all candor, I don't know," Mollica said.

"I know that there are a number of allegations that are out there that have not been confirmed. So I'm not going to speculate on what they are. ... But I'll say this, that there are a lot of allegations out there. None of them, none of them have been proven to be true. And in speaking to Mr. Noda when I get up there (to Saratoga) later this week and I get more of the facts, I'll have more to say. But I'll say this. He vehemently denies any behavior that would warrant such a ridiculous, arbitrary and capricious fine." (Horse Racing Nation)

Orlando Noda, 32, got his training career underway in New York, working as a listed conditioner at Aqueduct. He followed that up with strong win percentages over his Saratoga meet, while still a beginning trainer. Noda credits his dad for advising him as well as his brother Jonathan as a way of getting started with training.

Source: Carolyn Greer, Horse Racing Nation, Brian DiDonato, ThrougbredDailyNews

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