Foreign Entries Dominate BC Filly and Mare Turf

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Valerie Mellema
Valerie Mellema is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Thursday, November 5, 2020

Can an American filly take back the turf? The last four years have seen two Irish and two British horses claim victory in the 1-3/16 Maker's Mark Filly and Mare Turf race in the Breeders' Cup Championship Series. These winners have done nothing to challenge the perception that the European horses are simply better on grass than the Americans.


International horsemen have definitely given themselves a fighting chance for a fifth straight turf championship, as 8 of the 14 entries are from Europe. Ireland is posting six horses and France will have two in line.


Early wagering, however, has favored two American horses, RUSHING FALL, whose morning line odds are 5-2 and Mean Mary at 7-3. RUSHING FALL is the four-year-old American hope. With 11 wins in 14 starts, she has amassed a hefty $2,553,000 total purse. She is trained by Chad Brown, who just claimed the Belmont training championship for most wins in 2020. Three-year-old MEAN MARY, an American filly has brought in five wins in eight starts, including three of four victories in 2020. Her lifetime earnings are $496,160.


SistercharlieBest odds on any of the European horses, 6-1, fall on SISTERCHARLIE, a six-year-old Irish entrant with 10 wins in 17 starts and an impressive lifetime total earnings of $3,748,003. It's worth noting that Chad Brown is also the trainer of record for this mare. All alone at 8-1 in early betting is the three-year-old Irish filly CAYENNE PEPPER, with four wins in eight starts and career earnings of $346,582. STARSHIP JUBILEE is another American horse whose morning line odds are 10-1. She's the oldest horse in the field at seven. With 38 starts, she's won exactly half the races she has entered and earned $2,093,069.


In the next tier are four horses pulling 12-1 early odds. One American, CIVIL UNION is in this group. Though she is a five-year-old, she has only eight starts and has won five of them, bringing in career earnings of $396,810. Also, at 12-1 is the Irish entry PEACEFUL. A three-year-old with seven starts, she has brought in two wins and earned $311,898. The two French entries are both 12-1 in early wagering. MY SISTER NAT is also trained by Chad Brown. At four years old, she has had14 starts and three wins with career earnings of $431,672. Also from France is AUDARYA, a four-year-old with 12 starts, four wins and earnings of $189,046.


Rounding out the 14-horse field are three horses with 20-1 odds and two set at 30-1. lady prancealotAmerican HARVEY'S LITTLE GOIL and the Irish horses TERREBELLUM and NAY LADY NAY carry morning line odds of 20-1. The last two entrants are AMERICAN MUCHO, UNUSUAL and Irish LADY PRANCEALOT, both going off at 30-1.


Odds, of course, often change dramatically right up until the gate is opened at 1:57 Eastern Time on Saturday. Another regular occurrence is the unexpected winner with high odds—another characteristic of turf races.

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