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Shawn Drupp
Shawn Drupp is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Wednesday, November 25, 2020

As everybody gets ready to sit at the dinner table for their annual Thanksgiving dinner let's reminisce a little bit.  Last weekend PINK LLOYD ran in a Stakes race at Woodbine.  If you've never heard of this horse let me fill you in.  Canada's 2017 horse of the year won 11 consecutive stake races from April 2017 to June 2018 and has won 26 of 33 career races combined. His great career combined with his clever name makes this horse a rock star.  

Unfortunately, last weekend was one of those defeats as he finished in 3rd behind RIDE A COMET and SOUPER STONEHENGE

This made me think of the first horse I used to think was a so-called rock star.
  I look back at my early days at the horse track, primarily Penn National or an OTB (off track betting), and one thing that sticks out is the first horse I became a fan of.  The horse's name was REGAL PEACE it was the first horse I would always look to see when it was running.  Actually, back then (I can't believe I'm saying it that way at the young age of 35), I had to look at the local paper and look at the entries for that day of racing, I couldn't just look at the internet like now.   There was one thing about this horse that struck me and it was her running style.  She was a deep and I mean deep closer and it would always come flying late.  I know there are plenty of horses with that style but for whatever reason she became my favorite horse at that time.  Maybe it was just the first time I noticed a style like that at my young age and it was just thrilling. Now a days when betting I definitely prefer a speed horse or stalker as it is so difficult to get up just in time for a deep closer. I still find the deep closer very entertaining and thrilling especially if the horse can get up and win just in time.  In REGAL PEACE's career she ran 120 times between the years 1990-1998.  REGAL PEACE was no PINK LLOYD but she had 28 wins, 25 places, and 14 shows with career earnings of $117,563. Let's have some fun and please share with me the first horse that stuck out to you when you first went to your local track. Why was it your favorite horse at that time? Please email and share your story with me and who knows maybe I will do a story on your horse as well.

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