A Slow Aqueduct Sunday Contest Results

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Sunday, December 13, 2020
A Slow Aqueduct Sunday turned out to be an exciting Aqueduct Sunday which made for another great handicapping contest to end the weekend. Here's how the top 15 went down:

Congrats to first time winner Albert Buttry, a well deserved victory in today's contest who just got an extra $50 in CASH to spend on the holiday. That concludes this weekend's contests and we're going to do it all again next weekend. We originally had scheduled Friday the 18th to be PENN NATIONAL but there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether or not the track will be closed due to COVID so we changed it to REMINGTON PARK which will be our first contest for that track and should make for an interesting evening. Thanks to everyone that competed this weekend and we hope to see you again next weekend. Be sure and check in with Horse Racing Radar daily for all your horse racing news, handicapping articles, picks, race replays, special Radar Horses and more.