Bring it On at Turf Paradise Contest Results

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, January 8, 2021
Today's contest was a fun one. Really could have gone a lot of different ways and then as we got closer to the end we could tell who the probable winner might be. Then in the next to last race a contestant was winning by exactly 5 points. He either had to hit the board with his top pick or pray that no one else had the pick and put their picks in before him. Well, it was the latter that happened. Here's your final results:

The contestant I'm talking about is our buddy and Podcast co-host Shawn Drupp. He lucked out literally as he got his picks in early which broke the tie. I can't stress enough how important it is to get those picks in as soon as the contest opens at NOON the day before. One day it will be your name up there. I have to also wish congrats to Mark Dezii who tied Shawn for the win. Both did excellent today. Shawn, you will find $50 in your PayPal account. Everyone else, thank you for playing. I hope you will join us for Saturday's Santa Anita contest which is OPEN for entry.