Senor Buscador’s Rally Starts Now

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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, February 5, 2021

SENOR BUSCADOR was the buzz horse after his first two races. He looked like the classic closer, the familiar one-run horse whose style endeared us to the CONCERNS, VICTORY GALLOPS, MONARCHOSES, and ZENYATTAS. 

We'd like to see him rally again in May, but first he's got to catch up on points! He's got zero to his name, due to the fact he was DQ'd from receiving any Kentucky Derby points for his win in the Springboard Mile at Remington Park. This is in direct connection with Churchill Downs's new policy on horses running with Lasix in their Derby preps. Per Churchill Downs: 

"Horses in Kentucky Derby points races who compete in those races on Lasix are not eligible for qualifying points for the Kentucky Derby, according to an official with Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Derby will be run Lasix-free for the first time in 2021." 

This hasn't interfered with gambling sites cashing in on SENOR BUSCADOR'S name, however, who in their reality is a KY Derby win candidate. SENOR BUSCADOR has taken in quite a bit of money, having been bet down to 34-1 in the KY Derby Future Pool 2.

SENOR BUSCADOR, on Lasix, earned a 107 Equibase Figure winning the Remington Springboard Mile Stakes, making short work of a field that included COWAN, the second place finisher. 

But COWAN, who appeared to be embarrassed, maybe wasn't afterall. He was not running with Lasix. Matter of fact, he was the only horse of ten running without Lasix (plus one other). Talk about sobering facts! This calls to bring down closer to earth SENOR BUSCADOR'S win. But who knows, he could still be the very monster-in-the-making we've charged him to be. We must wait and see. First let's get him to the Derby gate. 

COWAN received four points for his 2nd place finish in the Springboard Mile.


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