Turf Paradise Handicapping Contest Results

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, February 5, 2021
Sorry I missed today's festivities but it seems it was a bit of a rehash of last Sunday:

Congrats once again to Danceing Jeff who is now in a 3-way tie for the 5th position on the leaderboard with yours truly and Shawn Drupp. $50 CASH has been deposited into your account Jeff, go out and buy yourself some new dancing shoes. Next up is our TAMPA BAY handicapping contest which has several nice stakes races on the card and is worth $100 CASH to the winner. Entry is FREE and NOW OPEN so go get your picks in while you can. I'll be back in the saddle on Saturday so I will see you guys then.