PETA Demands Answers From Turfway Park

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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Monday, February 8, 2021

The horse racing industry tries everything it can to avoid the worst part of the sport: the injury or death from accidents on the track, of horses and horsemen alike.

On February 1st, 2021, the fifth race at Turfway Park, MISS EAU DE VIE was fatally injured and euthanized. PETA wants to know, what on the track caused it? How was the horse's conditioning entering the race? Is the KHRC investigating this yet?

PETA took to the internet to express their disgust, which made for a confusing gesture.

On the one hand, PETA vows to see the day horse racing comes to an end. On the other, PETA purchased stock in the horse racing industry just three months ago, in what seemed to be a positive display of moral and financial support. 

What followed were PETA's list of demands, which include but isn't limited to the enforcement of a new riding crop rule, a new rule on medications given to horses on race day, a new way of handling a horse's life after racing, and other regulations they thought up.

These remain rational goals and worth implementing under a little more focus on how to go about them. But they require time, money, and moral support. At this time, they are hopeful an investigation is opened on Turfway Park.

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