Radar Horse Review: Getting over a Case of OTMitis

Horse Racing Radar
Rich Bieglmeier
Rich Bieglmeier is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

We hit a little rough patch there for a minute at the end of January and early February. Maybe it was the oh, too short trip to sunny Florida to visit the folks. Or maybe it's just horse racing and sometimes you can't avoid a rash known as OTMitis (out of the moneyitis).

But we all know the balm for OTMitis is finishing in the first three, preferably taking the tape, checkered flag and heading off to the winners' circle for a photo session. That unsightly rash cleaned up quickly in the last week.

Since February 11th, Horse Racing Radar identified 11 Radar Horses, a little less than two a day through Tuesday the 16thNine of the 11 hit the board with five winners (six if you include 1A BAOZUN who finished third while his entry mate took home the main prize).

During the last six-days of racing, 45% of RADAR horses won with 82% finishing in the money and relieving the pain of OTMitis. A big-time recovery from our rough patch. However, those numbers aren't too out of line with Radar's numbers since launch.

So far, 176 Radar horses left the gates, 63 collected the winners' check for a win rate of 35.8%. Keep in mind that the favorite hits at about 30%. Meanwhile, 128 finished in the first three for an in the money rate of 72.73%. No OTMitis there.

Based on the numbers so far, horseplayers might consider keying or wheeling Radar Horses in exotic bets like exactas, trifectas or superfectas. And, should be considered as singles in race-to-race wagers like Daily Doubles, Pick 3s, Picks 4s and so on.

Make sure you check for Radar Horse updates regularly as we add horses almost every day.


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