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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Greetings players. For those of you unfamiliar with our weekly handicapping contests, let me get you up to speed real quick. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we hold a contest where we pick a random track from those running that day. Then everyone is invited, FOR FREE, to enter each contest where you pick your favorite horse in each race on the card for that day and track. You also pick a backup horse in case your primary pick scratches. If both picks scratch then you just don't accumulate any points for that race. After each race is run, you get points depending on where your horse finishes. 5 points if he finishes 1st, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. After all the races are over, the player with the most points wins the FREE CASH PRIZE associated with that contest. This is typically $50 on Friday and Sunday and $100 on Saturday. Every now and then we have $200 contests and we have bonus contests like we did back on President's Day. If there is a tie, the player that got ALL of their entries in first wins the tiebreaker. We have a special page that players can watch during the contest which is updated after each race and shows the leaderboard for the current contest so everyone knows where they stand and how many points they have. This page also has a comment system built into it where players and admins can converse with one another.

Up until now, and even after now, contests open up at NOON CST the day BEFORE the races and close at 9AM CST the day of the races. No more changes can be made to your selections after that cut-off time. That's where this article comes in. The first point in our PHASE II of the website roll-out is the introduction of LIVE CONTESTS. When we say that one of the contests will be a "LIVE CONTEST" it still opens up at the same time so anyone can still play and put their entries in just like any other contest, but instead of closing at 9AM CST the next day, the contest stays OPEN ALL DAY, that is, until 2 minues to post for the first race. At that time, race 1 will close and no more changes can be made to it, but changes can still be made to all of the other races on the card. Each race will remain open until 2 mintues before post for players to make changes to their selections. So now when both your primary and secondary horses scratch, you can pick new ones. Or if the track bias changes you might want to change your wagering strategy. The rules for the tiebreaker remain the same. The person that got their picks in first breaks the tie. Players that put their picks in the night before still have just as much a chance of winning the contest as those playing live. It's all about luck. 

We hope that everyone will enjoy this new way of playing. We may have Rich from The Player's Edge provide some commentary and picks using the comment system and we may ultimately have a live podcast or videocast with Rich and the team providing commentary between races. We plan on having a LIVE CONTEST once per week or every other week depending on how well it's received by the public. Please do remember that this weekend is our first full live test of the system. We've done some exhaustive testing of the system and did a 3-race test today with some of our regular players and everything seemed to check out. But if something goes wrong, we will evaluate all of the data and get it fixed.

If you have any questions, please email and let me know. Our first LIVE CONTEST will be this SATURDAY featuring GULFSTREAM PARK and the Fountain of Youth stakes.Best of luck everyone and watch for many more new features coming to Horse Racing Radar as a part of Phase II over the next couple of months.

Also, please don't forget that these FREE contests could not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors. This past weekend it was The Triple Clowns and our primary sponsor is Guaranteed Tip Sheet.


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