Santa Anita LIVE Handicapping Contest Results

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Saturday, March 6, 2021
Here's your top 15 from today's LIVE contest featuring SANTA ANITA:

Congrats to the player that is so cool, he or she needs only one character to go by... "G"! You got your picks in ahead of Dallas little which had the same number of points. $100 has been deposited into your PayPal account. Man it was so close today.. the next 5 players each had 37 points or just 2 points less than the winner. It was such a good contest. Thanks to everyone that played. We had a little poll during the contest about whether we should keep the LIVE contests JUST on Saturday's or also shift them around from time to time to Friday or Sunday and here are the results: that's exactly what we're going to do next weekend. We're going to have our live contest on SUNDAY featuring HAWTHORNE and the contest will bring the $100 prize money with it. That means the Saturday contest will be a $50 regular contest featuring OAKLAWK PARK. 

Right now you can still get in on our FAIR GROUNDS contest for SUNDAY which is a regular contest and carries a $50 CASH PRIZE and NO ENTRY FEE!