Belmont Contest Results - Day One

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, April 23, 2021
Here's your top 15 finishers for today's BELMONT handicapping contest:

Big congrats to Dr. Duke in pulling out the WIN today and putting himself one step closer to the two bonuses being offered this weekend. +$250 for winning 2 of the 3 contests or +$500 for winning all three. $50 CASH has been deposited into Dr. Duke's PayPal account. Today's contest was a close one with the top spot changing hands several times even til the last race where it looked like Kreed might pull off the win. Only 1 race win separated the top 15 contestants so you should all feel good about your placement. If you didn't finish in the top 15 and want to know where you landed, simply click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS to see your contest history. Next up is DAY TWO of our BELMONT TRIFECTA where Saturday is a LIVE CONTEST so entry will not close until 2 minutes to post per race. Make as many changes as you want. No idea the weather forecast for Saturday or what type of track we'll be dealing with but it might come in handy to be able to switch your choices. Entry is open NOW and I recommend everyone get their entries in early as any TIE is broken by the player who got their entries in the earliest. We will also have LIVE COMMENTARY tomorrow from Rich of The Player's Edge podcast to help guide you in your picks and give you some more insight into the race coming up next. Be sure and tune in on our LIVE RESULTS page. Til then.

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