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Shawn Drupp
Shawn Drupp is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, May 21, 2021

Today, we are going to talk about horse racing syndicates. I will talk about different ones and the importance of them going forward. A horse racing syndicate is when a group of people each owns a percentage of the horse therefore they split the costs to own. MyRacehorse is the big one that most people have heard of but we will talk about other smaller ones as well.

Syndicates have grown and they are an important part of the future of horse racing.  It has brought in a lot of new fans to the great sport of horse racing. With being a part owner you can get emails with updates on the horse, visit to the horse, and share in prize money, etc.

Usually it's not profitable but it's all about the experience to say "Hey I own a piece of that horse."  MyRacehorse hit it big last year with 2020 Kentucky Derby and Breeder's Cup Classic winner Authentic.  This horse will be the exception as MyRacehorse owners will get a positive ROI on this horse.

Our own Terry "Hollywood" Hay from The Player's Edge podcast has some shares of Authentic and has been thrilled with his experience. Terry also has some shares in Mononmoy Girl who MyRacehorse leased starting this year. She has a win and a second so far this year.  In her lifetime she has won 14 of 17 races with 3 second place finishes.

Let's talk about a smaller one I'm learning about called Alydom Racing. They seek out value in the Southern California claiming box. You buy shares at cost, you pay your share of the bills each month at cost, and Alydom racing retains 10% of horse earnings as a management fee. 

With this you get the full experience.  Barn tours at Santa Anita with trainer Andrew Lerner, paddock and winner's circle access, up to date info on your horse, and a community of like minded owners like yourself.

The syndication with Alydom Racing started last year in 2020.  The stats since it has begun have been pretty good. The horses have had 21 starts with 4 wins, 10 places, and 2 shows.  Alydom Racing is averaging $6,973 a start.

I have to say it was a pretty cool experience when founder of Alydom Racing Vito Casucci posted a picture of their first 2 year old on Facebook. He wanted suggestions for a name. It was cool to see everything happen.  The horse got its name "Loveherheart".  Then watching the horse's first race on May 7, 2021, was a cool experience. Mind you I don't have any shares but if I did it would have been even that much better.  Unfortunately the horse got off to a bad start and finished last of the 5 horses.


In Southern California it cost about $4-5K to keep your horse in training. You can own as little as 1% of the horse that comes out to only $40-$50 a month. Vito said " The excitement is all the same. When a horse is winning you don't feel 1% happy."

ThoroughCrowd is another small one I came across. Their first claim was for $5K in late 2019 at Turfway with a horse named Run This Town. Since then they claimed seven more horses. Their most recent claim was at Indiana Grand for $10K with a horse named Freedom Bound. In 2020 they had 4 wins with a total of 10 finishes in the money in 22 starts. This year so far they have had 2 wins with a total of 9 finishes in the money in 20 starts.

ThoroughCrowd's most successful horse has been Threatlevelmidnite. They claimed her at Turfway for $15K and she ended up winning an NW1X allowance race. They also had a horse named Stylish Kitten who they claimed at Eliis Park for $10K. She ended up winning 3 races last fall for them. She ended up getting claimed away recently for $12,500.

All of these syndicates can be for the serious horse player that loves the game or someone completely new that wants to learn. There are plenty out there you just have to find one that fits what you are looking for. The future of this sport will rely on syndicates as they will continue to grow with the expense of owning horses increasing. Are you involved with any horse racing syndicates and how has you experience been?

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