A Pleasant Day at Pleasanton Handicapping Contest

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Chris O'Rorke
Chris O'Rorke is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Thursday, June 17, 2021
Welcome to opening day at PLEASANTON and our handicapping contest in honor of it. $50 FREE CASH is up for grabs. Did I mention there are NO ENTRY FEES?!. Our sponsor BetUS has taken care of that for us, so thank you to them. We welcome ALL PLAYERS, new and old to join in the fun. You basically pick 2 horses per race for Pleasanton's Friday card. One primary horse and one backup horse in case your primary gets scratched. Results are updated LIVE on the site after each race, just go to where you put your picks in once the races start running to see the LIVE RESULTS page link and the leaderboard which will change after each race so you always know where you stand. If your horse finishes 1st you get 5 points. 3 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd. Player with the most points at the end of the day takes home the cash via PayPal instant deposit. In the event of a tie, the player that put their picks in the EARLIEST will break the tie and win. Takes like 5 mins to enter your picks and play, so what do you have to lose? Nice $50 to start the weekend. The winner is also featured on our leaderboard.

Entry is OPEN NOW and will CLOSE AT 9AM CST FRIDAY MORNING so you need to get your picks in NOW if you can so you're not locked out. 

We have two new features at the site which are to be considered BETA at this time. The first, we have introduced 1v1 CHALLENGES where any player can challenge another that they will score higher in the contest than the other. We have a new currency at the site which we have dubbed "RADAR COINS". You will find your current coin balance in the top right of the site to the left of the gold coin icon. ALL EXISTING USERS were given 1 MILLION Radar Coins and all NEW USERS that sign up will receive 1 MILLION Radar Coins so basically everyone started out on a level playing field when we first introduced this feature. Radar Coins are used for 1v1 challenges, among other things currently and yet to come. Simply go to our Challenge Page, choose the user you want to challenge and the amount of coins you wish to wager. The other user will be notified of the challenge and may accept, decline or change the amount of coins for the challenge and send it back to the original challenger for accepting or declining. You will see all of your challenges in the box on the left side of the challenge page. Feel free to challenge as many people as you want. There is no deadline on challenging a user. While the contest is taking place, on the LIVE RESULTS page there will be a "CHALLENGE" icon next to all members that have been challenged so you can keep track who is ahead of you or behind. Once the contest is over and results finalized, the challenges will also be finalized and the coins given to all winning wagers. We have two new leaderboards on the site's homepage for our new Radar Coins. One list will show those people that hold the most Radar Coins and the other will show those that have won the most coins during challenges. Challenges are a fun new way to interact with your fellow HRR users and put your handicapping to the test.

Our second new feature at the site is called "Sneak-A-Peek". This will show up as an icon next to each user during a contest on the LIVE RESULTS page. Click on it next to the user that you would like to Sneak-A-Peek on. It will allow you to see the primary and secondary selection that a user has in a particular race for 100,000 Radar Coins or you can view ALL RACES for 800,000 Radar Coins. Note that this feature only works for NON-LIVE CONTESTS and has no way to affect the outcome of the contest. Merely for informational/entertainment purposes. Once you have purchased a Peek an eyeball icon will show up next to that user so you can view the information again without incurring further coin charges.

Learn more about our Radar Coins here.

The contest is open, so:

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