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Frisco Bash
Frisco Bash is a Staff writer for Horse Racing Radar
Friday, July 9, 2021

Radar Fans! We had the good fortune of linking with trainer Wayne A. Potts, who was gracious in answering our questions about what's going on in his side of the world. 

The first thing I asked Mr. Potts was about his horses who will be running very soon. 

Turns out there are FIVE running this weekend at Monmouth Park: FACTS ONLY, HORSESHOE FALLS, VETTORI KIN, DON'T TELL GRANDMA, and CURLIN'S THRILL. 

He was happy to talk about how each has been training, and provide a little more information us fans can appreciate.

  1. FACTS ONLY (runs Friday, Monmouth Park Race 4)

Frisco Bash: Greetings Mr. Potts!

Frisco Bash: Who is Facts only? I gather she's seeking to improve from her last try.

Wayne A. Potts: Facts only is a stout filly running at the $7500 claimer level, running only even finishes that we are hoping to have turned around and give her a boost in her racing career with our jockey Christian Navarro, who works very hard in our barn day in and day out.

Frisco Bash: Let's go Facts Only! Just finished watching her last race replay, she was running nicely in the backstretch. Rooting for Christian Navarro as well — hope they put in a good run together.:

  1. HORSESHOE FALLS (runs Saturday, Monmouth Park Race 1)

Frisco Bash: Who is Horseshoe Falls? I see she's making the switch from turf to dirt. 


Wayne A. Potts: A 3 yr old filly we acquired for owner Domenic Dilialla, she only had one previous start before us so we've spent some good time getting her used to Monmouth. She will have a successful career here with us. 

Frisco Bash: Wonderful news. Looks like she's been training consistently these past few weeks for you too. 

  1. VETTORI KIN (runs Saturday, Monmouth Park Race 3)

Frisco Bash: Who is VETTORI KIN? I understand he's dropping in class.

Wayne A. Potts: VETTORI KIN was claimed at Aqueduct off a very good horseman Michael Stidham. My client Robert Photos and myself were very excited to acquire him via the claim box. Bounced out of the race very well the day we claimed him, so I wasn't really ready to part ways with him. 

We ran him in a Alw2x opt $80,000 race where he didn't get embarrassed, and ran very respectfully. Turf races that we have been interested in running in, haven't went so we need to pick our spots the best we can. So we decided to run him at Monmouth Park where he has been stabled the past 45 days. Very honest old veteran; we expect to show up pending our weather this weekend, as he is the 2/1 Favorite.

Frisco Bash: I watched that replay of the Alw2x opt $80K and indeed he ran very respectfully, and at 58-1! Made a nice move leaving the backstretch and finished with interest. Wishing him the best of luck this weekend. 

  1. DON'T TELL GRANDMA (runs Saturday, Monmouth Park Race 6)

Frisco Bash: Who is Don't Tell Grandma? Worked nicely recently; a bullet on June 23rd.

Wayne A. Potts: A 2 yr old filly by Midnight Storm bought by River Card Stable in the Spring OBS sale. A very fast and talented filly, one of the first of our 2021 2 yr old crop to start running.

Frisco Bash: Very exciting! We'll be on the lookout for her. 

  1. CURLIN'S THRILL (runs Saturday, Monmouth Park Race 10)

Frisco Bash: Who is Curlin's Thrill? Get's Mr. Paco Lopez onboard.

Wayne A. Potts: Another for Mr. Dilialla, previously ran on all synthetic or turf surfaces without success of winning. So with Paco Lopez, one of the leading riders here at Monmouth, and the surface change, we are striving for a successful finish this weekend.

Frisco Bash: I also saw that he got pinched pretty good at the start. Hoping he gets a clean to go with the changes you set forth. Best of luck!

Q&A Continued....

Frisco Bash: Mr. Potts, is there anything funny or unusual, or maybe an interesting barn story to share to the fans, about any one or all of these horses?

Wayne A. Potts: Something most people wouldn't know about our stable is we have three goats that we've raised since young, that travel with us: Jason, Oreo and Blackey. Our horses love these guys. and are most content when they choose who they are going to nap with each day. 

(all five photos above provided by Wayne A. Potts)

Frisco Bash: The new rule at Monmouth Park regarding the riding crop. Is it meeting expectations or shocking the horseman? What are your thoughts?

Wayne A. Potts: I'd believe that the rule is not hindering the racing industry here at Monmouth as badly as everyone had thought so. We have plenty of riders willing to ride and do it very successfully here. You will obviously get a few that won't run as hard but that just means you need your rider to try that much harder for you. It's continuing to be a very competitive meet.

Frisco Bash: What's it like working with jockey Derbe Glass, who has ridden a few times for you already, and rides Horseshoe Falls for the first time Saturday. She won her first winner at Monmouth Park last weekend. 

Wayne A. Potts: Winning her first race for us on a horse named I See The Stars last weekend was so exciting for her, her family, agent and of course our entire staff at the barn. We couldn't be anymore proud of her for getting to the wire first that day. She deserves it, she's here everyday passionate and working hard for her career. 

Again, much appreciated, Mr. Potts!

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